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For Support Geek, a leader in after-sale IT support for end-users, we took on a multi-faceted project that encompassed branding, website development, and targeted marketing strategies. The result was a unified brand identity, a user-centric website, and a surge in customer engagement, all of which contributed to a marked increase in Support Geek’s market presence and revenue.

Support Geek came to us with a multifaceted challenge: they wanted to rebrand their company to better align with their core values, overhaul their outdated website, and implement new marketing strategies to attract a broader clientele. Their existing brand image was disjointed, and their website was not doing enough to convert visitors into customers. They needed an integrated solution that would address all these elements cohesively.

We were faced with several key challenges during the course of the project:

  1. Brand Consistency: Creating a brand identity that would be coherent across various platforms and marketing materials.
  2. Website Functionality: The need for a website that was not just visually appealing but also effective in converting visitors into clients.
  3. Customer Engagement: Developing a marketing strategy without the use of social media channels, which were not part of Support Geek’s business model.
  4. Technical Jargon: Simplifying and making the technical aspects of Support Geek’s services understandable for the average end-user.

Through close collaboration with the Support Geek team, we were able to successfully deliver:

  1. Branding: A revamped brand identity, including a new logo, color scheme, and typography, that better represents Support Geek’s ethos and market position.
  2. Website: A fully functional, user-friendly website featuring an intuitive UI, streamlined content, and effective CTAs.
  3. Marketing Strategy: A comprehensive marketing plan, minus social media, that includes targeted online ads and email marketing campaigns.
  4. Content Simplification: Created easy-to-understand content that demystifies the technical aspects of IT support for end-users.

Since the completion of the project, Support Geek has experienced a substantial uptick in customer engagement, a more consistent brand image, and a measurable increase in ROI, affirming the success of our integrated approach.

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